Hair Transplant Cost

The comparison of the average costs of hair transplantation in different countries reveals that an average price is 457,551.68 Baht. Canada has the highest average cost of 560,000 Baht and Thailand has the lowest average cost of 75,000 Baht for 2,500 grafts.

Hair transplantation costs are affected by many factors. The differences in hair transplantation costs within the same country often due to the number of grafts, methods used and the experience of hair surgeon. However, according to the comparison of hair transplantation costs in each country, the difference in hair transplantation costs is due to differences in wages, medical standards, the ability to produce medical technology in the country and competition for medical tourism.

There is a lot of information about the cost of hair transplantation available online. This can be overwhelming especially for people who are interested in hair transplantation but are unsure of what to look for.

Although many websites provide information on the average costs of hair transplantation, no large-scale studies have been done to compare the costs in each country. Having a tool to compare prices and quality of clinics in different countries is very helpful. However, studying individual clinics in different countries is a difficult process, especially without knowledge of the hair transplantation process and industry.

Our Advice

Although the cost of treatment is important, it should not be used as a deciding factor. You should pay attention to the quality of doctors and clinics. A good way to assess the quality of treatment is to review at the experience and results of the patients after the transplantation performed by that hair surgeon and analyze the images before and after the treatment.

Hair Transplantation Costs in the UK

The UK is one of the countries with high hair transplant costs. However, hair transplantation costs in the UK are cheaper than hair transplantation in Canada or the USA, with an average cost of 103.04 Baht per graft. The lowest price in the UK is 72.32 Baht per graft and the highest price is 127.36 Baht per graft. Therefore, the average total cost of hair transplantations is 262,981.44 Baht for 2,500 grafts. Most people have a medium hair loss degree (Norwood scale type 4) and need 2500-3,500 grafts in the hair transplantation.

The wages in the UK are higher than other countries such as Mexico or Thailand, thus increasing the cost of hair transplantation. The UK also has a higher standard of hygiene which means that the patients pay a higher price for high standards and care. Most hair transplant clinics are located in London and Manchester.

Hair Transplantation Costs in the USA

The USA is another country with high hair transplantation costs, with an average price of 174.08 Baht per graft. The lowest price in the USA is 89.6 Baht per graft and the highest price is 336 Baht per graft. Therefore, the average total cost of hair transplantations is 435,520 Baht for 2,500 grafts. Most people have a medium hair loss degree (Norwood scale type 4) and need 2500-3,500 grafts in the hair transplantation. The sanitary standards and experience of hair surgeons in the USA are similar to those in the UK, hence the two countries have high cost of hair transplantation. However, wages in the USA are higher than in the UK, making the average cost of hair transplantations in the USA higher than in the UK.

Hair Transplantation Costs in Thailand

Thailand has been one of the most popular medical destinations in recent years, especially for cosmetic procedures such as hair transplantation. Clinics in Thailand are one of the cheapest hair transplant options in the world even when airfare, accommodation and trips to the clinic are included. The average cost in Thailand is 30 Baht per graft, which is about a third of the cost of a hair transplantation in the UK and less than a third of the cost of a hair transplantation in the US. The average total cost of hair transplantations is 75,000 Baht for 2,500 grafts.

Medical tourism is one of the largest industries in Thailand, so clinics are trying to reduce prices for a competitive advantage.

Due to the price range of hair transplants in Thailand, there may be inexperienced or low-quality clinics that offer low-cost services to attract customers. These clinics often produce poor and botched results as the performer is often a technician rather than a physician specialized in hair transplantation. However, this doesn’t mean that all cheap hair transplant clinics in Thailand are bad choices and always produce unsatisfactory results. Therefore, as a patient, you should make sure that the clinic you choose is featured with experienced surgeons and has many previous patients with desirable results.

Clinics in Thailand can be divided into 3 groups according to their price level. The most cost-effective option is the clinic with years of experience, high quality results and consistent patient outcomes.

The second group is the middle-priced clinics that have recently opened with little experience and are in its infancy and provides inconsistent results.

The third group consists of the clinics that have just opened and physicians may not have previous experience in hair transplantation.

Is Hair Transplantation in Thailand a Cost-Effective Option?

The cost of hair transplant in Thailand is much cheaper compared to other countries such as the USA and the UK. But will it still be a cheaper alternative when airfare, hotel and meal expenses are included?

The average cost of a flight from the UK to Bangkok is 7,500 Baht per way. Therefore, a return trip by plane costs 15,000 Baht in total, while an overnight stay in a hotel costs around 900 Baht. Assuming it takes one day to travel, one day for acclimatization and preparation, one day for hair transplantation, one day for recovery and post-treatment care, and one day in return trip, you will be charged approximately 3,600 Baht for all accommodation for a four-night stay. If the average meal cost is 600 Baht per day, with half the cost of meals for the day of travel in and out of the country, the total cost of meals will be 3,000 Baht. Therefore, these additional costs of approximately 21,600 Baht must be added to the cost of hair transplantation. This is a simple calculation example, but in reality, there may be other additional costs. However, it is considered a relatively cheap expense since Thailand is a country where the cost of living is not very high.

Since hair transplantation costs are usually charged per graft, hair transplantation in Thailand are only cost-effective for a certain number of grafts. For example, if you need to transplant 500 grafts, you will be charged 15,000 Baht (30 Baht per graft) in Thailand, but 51,520 Baht in the UK (103.04 Baht per graft). In the case of getting a hair transplant in Thailand, even with an additional charge, it costs only 36,600 Baht. Therefore, hair transplants in Thailand are cheaper than in the UK, even with a small number of grafts. However, hair transplantation often requires a large number of grafts, so getting a hair transplant in Thailand is a cost-effective option for most patients, even when other costs are included.

In addition, the “all-inclusive packages” are currently offered by many clinics in Thailand which covers all other expenses besides the actual surgery cost.

Price Comparison with Other Countries

In addition to clinics in the UK, the USA and Thailand, we have also analyzed the prices of clinics in several other countries to help you decide on the clinic for hair transplantation services.

The average hair transplant cost in South Korea is 96 Baht per graft. Hair transplant clinics in South Korea have hair transplant cost and quality comparable to Thailand. The average total cost is 240,000 Baht for 2,500 grafts.

Another country where hair transplants are relatively cheap is India. The average hair transplant cost in India is 42.88 Baht per graft, which is 54.48 Baht less than the global average. The average total cost is 107,200 Baht for 2,500 grafts.

The average hair transplant cost in Australia is 176 Baht per graft, which is 80.64 baht higher compared to the global average. The average total cost is 440,000 Baht for 2,500 grafts.

Factors Affecting Hair Transplantation Costs

Over the past few years, the cost of hair transplantation has continued to decline. Due to the increased competition and advances in technology, it has made it easier for hair surgeons to perform hair transplant procedures. Therefore, there is no need to charge high prices for hair transplantation and also make it more accessible to more patients. Today’s hair transplants are an inexpensive and readily available option for those suffering from androgenetic hair loss.

Another important factor that affects the cost of hair transplantation is the number of grafts required to achieve the desired results. The more hair loss, the larger the area to be transplanted. Since the cost of hair transplantation by most clinics is based on the number of grafts, it is important to choose the right hair transplant technique.

In hair transplantation, patients may receive different levels of care from specialists. Sometimes a surgeon may be involved in every step, but in some cases, a surgeon may only be involved in the consultation and design of the hairline. The more doctors are involved in the hair transplant process, the higher the cost of hair transplantation.

In addition, the costs of some hair transplantation techniques are much higher compared to others. ARTAS robotic hair transplant is the most expensive method as the manufacturer of this device charges a high cost for the use of its technology from the clinics. It is believed by many patients that ARTAS robotic hair transplant will produce better results and quality due to the use of advanced technology. However, many doctors say that the results are slightly different from other methods. The DHI technique is another expensive method that produces great results. Long Hair DHI technique is the latest technique. Both techniques produce better results than traditional FUE method, but as they require specialized tools, the price is therefore higher. FUE method is more expensive than FUT method because it causes less scarring, which is very important for today’s patients. However, thanks to advances in technology, FUE method involving motor-assisted extraction is less expensive than FUT using a strip of scalp tissue.

The last factor that affects the hair transplantation cost is location. As mentioned above, the cost of hair transplantation in each country varies greatly. In some countries, the average hair transplant cost is only 40.96 Baht per graft, while in other countries like Canada, the average hair transplant cost is up to 224 Baht per graft.

How to Reduce the Hair Transplantation Cost?

One of the ways to reduce the cost of hair transplantation is to travel to a country with much cheaper hair transplantation costs. Medical tourism is very popular among residents of the USA, the USA or Canada, which are the countries where hair transplantation costs are the most expensive. Therefore, you can use the information we have gathered to help you decide on the country where you will travel to for your procedure.

When traveling abroad for hair transplant services, you will need to take into account additional expenses such as airfare, meals, and hotel accommodation. You can reduce these costs by searching for information on flights and hotels, which often have a wide selection of deals and coupons available. In addition, many clinics in Thailand offer all-inclusive package deals which can help reduce these additional costs. Medications such as finasteride and minoxidil is another effective way to reduce the cost of hair transplantation in long-term. These medications will decrease the number of grafts required for hair transplantation.

How has the Cost of Hair Transplantation Changed Over the Past Decades?

Over the past few decades, the average hair transplant cost has dropped dramatically as a result of a number of reasons. One of the main reasons is technological advancement and increased competition which resulted in lower prices for hair transplants and significant demand for hair transplants.

As the demand for hair transplantation has increased, the hair transplant industry has grown exponentially which led to increased domestic competition. The easiest way to attract customers is to reduce the cost of hair transplants. Patients should choose a clinic that offers good service and has hair surgeons specialized in this field and with good hair transplantation results. However, there are still not enough hair surgeons and specialists to meet the needs of people who want to get hair transplants in different regions.

Due to labor costs and the need to import medical devices, clinics in many countries can be profitable even if the cost of hair transplantation is greatly reduced. This makes the competition from clinics in foreign countries grow exponentially, such as Thailand. In addition, wages in Thailand are much lower compared to other countries such as the USA, UK and Canada. These factors allow hair transplant clinics in Thailand to be more cost-effective than in these countries.


This information will be a useful tool for finding and deciding which clinic to get hair transplantation services and to save as much money as possible.


Does health insurance cover the hair transplantation cost?

Hair transplantation is a cosmetic procedure which is not a medically necessary procedure. Both public and private health insurance does not cover the cost of hair transplantation except the hair transplantation after an accident.

What is the hair transplantation cost in Thailand?

An average cost of hair transplants in Thailand is 300 Baht per graft, which is less than half the cost of a hair transplant in the UK and less than a third of the cost of a hair transplant in the USA. An average cost is 80,000 Baht for 2,5000 grafts.

What is the right age for hair transplantation?

There is no right age for hair transplantation as male androgenetic alopecia can affect both adolescents who reach the puberty and adults.

How long will the results of hair transplantation last?

Hair extracted from the donor area, usually at the back of the head, is resistant to dihydrotestosterone (DHT), a hormone responsible for shrinkage and atrophy of hair follicles. If the hair transplant is successful, the transplanted hair can continue to grow permanently.

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